As You Love It Rules (Solo)


Match each couple on your card into romantic relationships before Duke Frederick gets four skull matches showing.


Give the player a starting deck of six cards: As Dreams are Made, Beauty of the World, Boundless Bounty, Come What May, Never Doubt Love, and Wonderful Wonderful. These cards are labeled S 1 - S6. The player shuffles their starting deck and draws five cards. Give the player the “As You Like It” objective card.

Shuffle all eight of the character cards. Place the cards on the table, such that they form four columns in two rows. The character cards on the table form the board. Rotate all of the character cards so that their diamond side faces the middle of the columns.

Shuffle the Duke Frederick deck and place it next to the board so that it is adjacent to the two rows. The side that the Duke Frederick deck is on is considered the West side of the board.

Create the main deck out of all of the non- starting, non- Duke Frederick cards that do not have any of the following words on them: reaction, opponent, nor points. Shuffle the main deck and place it and five cards from it face up along the side of the board so that it is adjacent to the four columns. The five face up cards are called the lineup. The side of the board that the main deck and lineup are placed is considered the North side of the board.

As You Love It can be played with 1 to 6 players


Each turn consists of five phases: Duke Frederick, Play, Score, Buy Cards, and Draw.

  • Duke Frederick

    Flip over the top five cards of the Duke Frederick deck; resolving each one at a time as follows:. Temporarily remove the two characters listed in the Duke Frederick card from the board, keeping their orientation the same. Slide the remaining character cards towards the West side of the board to fill the gaps left by the removed character cards. Keep the orientation of the character cards while sliding them. If the rows are uneven, move the character farthest from the West side of the board into the other row, so that the rows are even. Keep the card's orientation the same while moving it. Place the character listed on the top of the Duke Frederick card in the row closest to the North side and in the column farthest from the West side of the board. Rotate the card so that its skull face is facing South. Place the other character listed on the Duke Frederick card the row farthest from the North side and in the column farthest from the West side of the board. Rotate the card so that its skull face is facing North. If at any time there are four skull matches on the board, you lose the game.

  • Play

    You may play action cards from their hand. Action cards are played one at a time. An action card may be played one of three ways. When an action card is played, you must choose whether to gain gold, activate its effect, or use its movement ability. After an action card is played, it is put into the discard pile of the player who played it.

  • Score

    For each relationship symbol that matches an adjacent character's connecting symbol, you gain the following depending on which symbol was matched.

    For each heart match, play one less Duke Frederick card during the next turn. For each skull match, play an additional Duke Frederick card during the next turn. Gain 1 wealth for each diamond match. During your draw phase this turn, draw one additional card for each crown match. If all four romantic relationships listed on your objective are matched with hearts, you win the game.

  • Buy cards

    You may spend wealth to buy cards from the lineup. Purchased cards go into your discard pile. When a card is purchased from the lineup, it is replaced with the top card of the main deck. At the end of this phase, any remaining wealth you have goes away and all sideways cards in your discard pile are straightened.

  • Draw

    Discard any remaining cards you have in your hand and then draw five new cards from your draw pile. Reminder - you also draw cards for crown matches achieved this turn. At the end of this turn, pass the turn to the next player.

Gaining Wealth

Each action card has a value listed on its middle bar. When you play an action card to gain wealth, gain wealth equal to its value and then put the action card sideways in your discard pile to help you remember how much wealth you have during the buy phase.

Activate Effect

Each action card has a special game effect written on it. When you play an action card to gain an effect, do what the card says and put it into your discard pile. If the card effect gives you wealth, put the card into your discard pile sideways. The starting action cards do not have effects.

Movement Ability

Each action card has one or more movement symbols on the bottom of the card. Choose one of the movement symbols listed and move the character cards in the middle of the table accordingly. There are six movement symbols: spin, dance, shift, leap, cross, and swap.

  • Spin

    Take one character card. Turn the card to face a new orientation and place it back in its original position.

  • Dance

    Choose two characters that are adjacent to each other and a direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise. Rotate botch characters 90 degrees in the chosen direction. Return them to their original placement on the table in the new orientation.

  • Shift

    Remove a character card from the table. Slide one or more of the other characters in the row to new positions in that row; such that those characters are still in the same row and have not 'Jumped across" each other. Place the removed character back into the row in the newly formed open slot; without changing its original orientation.

  • Leap

    Without changing their orientation or column, take each character and place it in the other row.

  • Cross

    Without changing their orientation, place each character that is in a comer into the opposite comer.

  • Swap

    Choose two-character cards. Without changing their orientation, place each character in the other's position.